Welcome aboard!

 I've been blogging for quite a few years now.

Check that. 

I've had a blog for quite a few years now.  What I haven't had is an active blog; in content or viewership (there just might be a connection there...).  

I had a blog basically so I could say I had a blog. I'd post occasionally, wait for non-spam comments, get a flood of spam comments, delete spam comments, wait some more, not get any meaningful comments, and repeat.

As you can imagine, my drive for maintaining the blog waned as time wore on, leaving my site sitting un-updated for almost 6 months. 

So, I've decided it's time for a complete refresh; a new start; a more purposeful photographic presence. Basically, a complete 180 on the previous blog. 

Without further ado, on this, my 30th birthday, welcome to the new home of my photographic (and some general) exploits!

Thanks for stopping by; I look forward to what develops!

(Sorry...couldn't resist!)